Project Management

Project Management

Advantages of Early Contact

The advantage of bringing in G&G from early on in a project is a part optimised for production which will result in a reduced piece-part cost. Typical areas covered are:

  • the optimisation of product design for mass production
  • advice on the different types of material available
  • advice and suggestions on the assembly of the different components
  • consider future design modifications and design a tool that accomodates such modifications after production has started
  • consideration of the optimum method of production to facilitate the quanties involved in full production including both tooling and subsequent assembly
  • the building of different prototypes to facilitate design decisions

As Project Manager G&G is there:

Working together with the Customer

G&G works from the concept stage on together with all the customers different departments; in particular with the internal or external design.

We assist customers in the design of products that:

  • are innovative
  • are optimised for the manufacturing process
  • take account of automation in the manufacturing and assembly processes
  • allow quality control to be build into the manufacturing process

Working with the Toolshops

G&G supplements its own internal capabilities by using external design houses and also specialised contractors in Ireland, the USA, Germany, the Ukraine, the UK and China,  for tooling and special purpose equipment. G&G provides detailed press tool and mould specification booklets adopted to the specific tooling requirement of the customer. These booklets are in English and in Chinese and form part of our tooling order.

G&G gets involved in the tool/mould design to assist in optimising the component for the chosen production process and also tailor the tool/mould to suit a specific machine usually with an option for a second alternative machine . T1 is always done in China, tweaking can be done in China or Ireland, Measuring reports are done in China by the mould maker, but there is the option to get the component independently measured on a CNC measuring machine. Depending on the customer's time-line we can also do pre-production runs as well as full production in China.

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In House Team

To achieve it's ambitious targets G&G has assembled in house an effective team of capable and experienced engineers who:

  • work regularly with specialist partners all over the globe
  • will manage and control the whole process relating to the components G&G Engineering will actually manufacture

Quality Certification

G&G's systems and processes are fully compliant with ISO Automotive Standards. Read More

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