Injection Moulding QC

Moulding Quality Control

Material Handling

To ensure quality standards, minimise waste and to keep costs competitive, G&G gives consideration to every activity in the production process. In moulding this begins with how we handle materials.

The plastic pellets are fed from a sealed and clearly labelled, barrel into a dedicated dryer. Material is held in the dryer for a minimum of four hours before being plasticised in the moulding cycle so as to ensure there are no cosmetic defects due to residual moisture.

Process Window

To ensure as generous a moulding window as possible G&G carries out mould-flow analysis in order to obtain the optimum gating and cooling conditions for tool design and then moulding.

Once the mouldings parameters are established, G&G enforces a very strict policy on how or when it is permissible to adjust the machine parameters.

Automated Testing

During the moulding cycle G&G incorporates such tests as cavity pressure monitoring while moulding and circuit testing into the part removal from the mould. However, each product is unique and G&G customises the manufacturing sequence and quality checks for each part.