Stampings QC

Stampings Quality Control

Progression and Tool Layout

G&G's Managing Director, has over forty years experience with press tools and knows that quality and cost analysis for presswork should be done at the design stage. The proper consideration of the tool progression and tool layout at the beginning of a project can save money and make sure that part costs are optimised. In the past G&G has shown how different parts can be included in the same tool progression and always gives input on the ramifications of material choices in terms of both quality and cost

Material Choice

G&G's customers rely on it to deliver quality goods on time. So too G&G relies on its material suppliers to deliver material that consistently meets the quality requirements and has built up relationships with suppliers over many decades and only deals with suppliers who have proved their ability to maintain quality consistently and document this accordingly.

In Process Tests

An assortment of sensors, lasers, probes and micro limit switches are used during the press cycle to ensure parts meet their functional specification.